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So, you want to know how to get free Robux in Roblox? Well, oprewards is the perfect place to start with. 

Below we will show you, how to obtain Robux for free using the legendary free Robux Generator for Roblox. also all Roblox ids

What is Roblox?


By now, everyone who plays video games has heard about Roblox, an open-world gaming platform that hosts thousands of different games. Officials games and also user-created games.

In-game you have a character displayed as an Avatar, that makes you communicate with other players and explore new worlds and games.

Players can customize their Avatars with skins and special costumes and also unique abilities in games all that using Robux, the in-game currency

What is Robux? 


As mentioned above, Robux is the in-game currency for the Roblox platform.

which makes players buy skins and abilities and also unlock new games by paying for them with Robux.

Robux is very important for players to advance in the game and be more creative and of course, have more fun.

How to get free Robux?

Everyone who plays Roblox is always searching for ways to get Robux for free So they can use it for whatever they want to.

There are plenty of ways of getting free Robux. We will focus on the most popular one Robux Generator and how to use it to earn Robux legitimately. 

What is Free Robux Generator?

Free Robux Generator is a software designed to generate Robux for players in exchange for completing small tasks such as passing short surveys, downloading apps, and watching videos

How does it work?

Simply, users must connect their Roblox username to start,  by linking your Roblox username any Robux you generate will be directly transferred to your account.


You only required to enter your Roblox username, no password and no additional personal information shall be asked.

After players link their Roblox accounts, a window will appear where they will be asked to choose what pack of free Robux amount they want.


Once players choose their desired amount of Robux the next step begins,  depending on how much Robux a player chooses, a small window of tasks will be displayed to them to choose one task to complete, 

it can be anything, a survey, a video to watch or app to download and normally it doesn’t take more than  few minutes to complete.


Right after users finish the tasks they were required to do successfully,

the amount of free Robux they previously selected will be automatically sent to the Roblox account that they linked at the start.


Is Robux Generator legit?

If you search ” free Robux ” ” How to get free Robux” or “Robux Generator” a lot of websites will show up on your search result.  But that of course doesn’t mean that they all work.

Our free Robux Generator is made by real-life Developers who play and create games on Roblox on a daily basis, 

to give other players especially new players who just discovered the game the chance to enjoy it, without having to worry too much about getting free Robux. 

Is the Robux I will receive real?

100% real and authentic,  our free Robux Generator produces real in-game Robux, thanks to our donors and sponsors. 

Once you receive your Robux you can start using it right away,  buy your favorite skin, unlock new games, and everything you want.

Will my Roblox account be in danger?

NO, nothing will ever happen to your Roblox account, since all the Robux Generator needs to work is your Roblox username, nothing more will be asked what so ever.

Account security is something we care too much about, so rest assured,  this  Robux Generator is 100% risk-free

Other methods to get free Robux 

Here are some other ways that players can obtain free Robux through them.

Invite a friend to play Roblox, Roblox reward players who invite their friends and introduces them to the game,

you can win a serious amount of Robux this way, plus there are no limits to how many you can invite 


Sign up with GPT sites, there are websites that pay users with multiple in-game currencies from different games,

that has the same results as a Robux Generator.  users get paid to complete tasks or play games and more 

Best GPT website so far in the market is 


Players can participate in giveaways,  Roblox promo codes and free Robux codes giveaways are everywhere,  you just need to look in the right place. Like on popular Roblox groups, Reddit, YouTube, and Twitch tv


Subscribe to Roblox premium,  when a player has a valid subscription to Roblox Premium, 

each month that player gets a specific amount of free Robux depending on how much fees they paid for the subscription.  Of course, this one requires you to use your real-life money.


Not everyone is okay with spending their real money on video games especially if they just getting started.  And that’s completely fine

Free Robux Generator,  gives players the chance of acquiring free Robux, in exchange for a few minutes of simple work tasks that an 8 years old kid can do.

Don’t hesitate, your Free Robux are waiting. Trust in what hundreds of players choose every day to get Robux for free.

Our Robux Generator is vouched for by some of the biggest influencers on the Roblox community,  devs, builders, and normal players like you.

All agree that our Free Robux Generator is the easiest method to obtain the magical Robux for free without any troubles. 

So, What are the Benefits of using Robux Generator 

  • Free Robux
  • No personal information is required (passwords, credit card, address…)
  • Easy to use, with few simple clicks and you are done
  • 100% legal and legit 
  • 99% up-time, multiple fast servers that will deliver your Robux in no time 

Stop thinking a lot, it’s time to shower in Robux, get rich, buy your favorite skins and gear. Brag in front of your Roblox friends and be the cool Kid you always wanted to be.

Disclaimer: a lot of websites promote working Robux Generator, but most of them fail to deliver free Robux. Stay vigilant and only trust our Free Robux Generator.