If you are a Roblox player, then there’s a big chance that you are always seeking ways to get Free Robux, and since you are reading this, you must have searched “How To Get Free Robux” or “Free Robux” on your browser’s search engine. and rest assured you’ve landed in a perfect place.

What are Robux ($) and what are they used for?

In-Game currency introduction guide

Same like every major game platforms Roblox has it’s own unique in-game currency called Robux ($)

Side note: Roblox used to have two in-game currencies Robux & Tix, now Robux is the only in-game currency supported by the Roblox platform. 

How can you use your Robux? Well, the short answer you can use your Robux almost for every aspect of the game from your avatar customization to acquiring new abilities plus obtaining game passes to unlock new games and much more.

Now that you know what are Robux and what are they used for, I’m sure you asking yourself this how to get free Robux, well don’t worry we prepared a detailed guide to walk you through obtaining this magical in-game currency Robux ($)

 First and foremost there are quite a handful of ways to get free Robux, and mostly they are split in half. The official and natural way and some other of the book methods but still legitimate and provide the same results.

 1 – Purchase Robux from the game shop.

This is a no brainer, as everyone has the possibility to buy Robux from the Roblox shop/store. Of course with this method you will have to use your real-life money and pay for the amount of Robux you want to acquire. 

The price goes like this, it starts from $4.99 for 400 Robux and goes up till it reaches $99 for 10.000 Robux as displayed on the picture below.

2 – Subscribe to Roblox premium 

This is most familiar to buying Robux from the shop, but with Roblox premium, you pay a small fee and you get to have a specific amount of Robux each month, if you don’t mind spending money on games you can use Roblox premium to get Robux on your account each month,  In addition, to get a monthly Robux amount you obtain a 10% bonus when purchasing Robux plus you will unlock Roblox’s economy features such as buying, selling, and trading with other players and few other hidden features.

These two first methods are easy to go-to ways for obtaining Robux,  as we mentioned you will need to spend real money on that. But as we know not all players are ready to spend their real money on video games mostly beginning players who are still in the phase of exploring the game, Thus we bring you free ways to get Robux.

Below you’ll find a small list of ways we tested ourselves on how to get free Robux, so without further ado let’s begin. 

1 – Join Roblox builders club

{ screen from Roblox developer } 

This is one is for anyone who would like to begin devolving and building some amazing places and games it is mostly focused of players with developing skills, if you are a developer or someone who has knowledge of that field, you can join the Roblox builders club where you will get 100(R$) as a sign-on bonus

2 – Create games, passes, and in-game items 

Roblox game is all about creativity and being productive and letting your imagination do the work for you. This brings us to our next method of getting free Robux, everyone on Roblox can create games, games pass, and items and abilities it literally has no limits just you and your imagination. Players can sell these game passes, items, gear, in-game special abilities, and more for an amount of Robux they choose.

Simply put, you can join the developer’s team on Roblox and start creating what’s known as User-Generated Games which by default will give you these possibilities to earn free Robux

* You can charge players to play your game

* You can charge players to buy in-game items such as the ones we mentioned above

* You can benefit from the Developer Exchange and transfer it into real-life money ( for advanced developers )

3 –  Premium Payouts

On February 14, 2020 Roblox announced that they’re rolling out a new amazing update to Roblox economy. That updated was Premium Payouts.

{ screen from Roblox premium Payouts} 

What are Premium Payments? In a few words it’s Roblox rewarding its loyal players. Basically you can earn free Robux based on how much you play and how engaging and productive your game is. Roblox uses special metrics such as playtime to decide who will be eligible for these free Robux rewards. 

Players can use the Premium Payouts chart to calculate or better yet anticipate how much free Robux they can expect each month.

To conclude this part of the guide all the previous methods mentioned above work 100% some require you to spend real-life money, others need you to be creative and put work and time into developing and creating better experiences for other players. These methods depend on you investing something first was is money or time or anything.

How To Get Free Robux   { Legit & working methods  }

How to get free Robux on Roblox

           Now if you are a normal player who just wanna enjoy the game they like without the hassle of worrying about money or learning skills, and you just want some free Robux.  We’ve got the right thing for you and as always we wouldn’t recommend you something if it’s not 100% safe and trusted by us.

On the list below you will find some free methods to get free Robux { Updated May 2020 }

1 – Roblox Gift Cards ( Free Robux codes )

Robux Gift Cards & How to redeem them.

Roblox Gift Cards are also a great way of getting some free Robux, Available in these amounts $10 and $25 and $50. they are simple and easy to use simply redeem your Roblox Gift Card and load up on Robux codes, of course with Robux you will be able to purchase content in your favorite games and new special items for your Avatar!

As a bonus you will receive one of some bonus items below when you redeem a Roblox Gift Card. 

2 – Roblox Referral program 

Another easy way to get free Robux is through referrals with the Roblox affiliate program, Roblox is a platform that grows by word to mouth. That means the Roblox community is the number one promoter of the game  simply by sharing Roblox links with their friends. This is literally a few clicks and you’re done kind of work  just share a page you wanna promote on the associated social media portal  as displayed on the picture below 

One of the perks of this is you can do it all day every day since there are no limitations,  its just you and how much you are motivated to get you hards on some free unlimited Robux.

3 – Roblox Generators!  How real are they?

Free Robux Generator & How to use them.

Last but not least,  Free Robux Generators.  We’re sure that if you google search ” Robux Generator

” or ” Free Robux Generator”  or even ” How to get free Robux”  a lot of web results will show up on the first page but how real are they? Can you get Robux for free using them? Short answer not very much as it is rare to find a Robux generator that really delivers free Robux (R$) to your account.

Fortunately for you though, We did your homework for you so you don’t get lost searching for a legit working Robux Generator.

Before we show you the link, You should know that Roblox is a community game built by its community. There are some really generous players out there that donate free Robux for the unfortunate players who just got started. 

In 2016 a group of developers came together and created a true Roblox generator that really works but not on everyone, only people who needed the most, the concept is they calculate the amount of Robux donated by other players in the community and with special algorithms thy use the Robux generation software to distribute the free Robux to players who need it.

The way they work is players choose the amount of free Robux they desire,  Then the process begins where players must perform simple tasks such as downloading apps, taking short surveys, and watching videos and more options,  it depends on each player geographic location and the tasks supported by their internet service providers. 

4 – Robux Giveaways ( bonus method )

Another way players can get absolutely free Robux is to participate in Roblox giveaways,  there is almost at least one giveaway happening every day that you don’t know about and it can surprisingly drown you in free Robux. These giveaways are always offered on high platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Reddit also available on Roblox community groups. Just do your research and who knows you might be the lucky one.

Final verdict and thoughts

Roblox is an imaginative platform that empowers players’ imagination and creativity, As a member of the Roblox platform you and your friends can come together and create new games, worlds, and much more.  

We hope you found our guide on How to get free Robux useful and rewarding,  We thank you for taking the time to read this. We will keep updating this post with more new methods on how to get Robux for free, So stay in touch and catch you on the flip side.